Reserving a spot

We are a small venue with limited seating so we strongly encourage advance reservations. You can let us know you are attending either by completing our online Sign-up Form (preferred) or sending us an  email. We will accept cash at the door or Venmo or PayPal if you'd prefer to use an electronic payment option. We are a small venue and having advance notice will help ensure there are no surprises on the day of the event and help us plan for our refreshments. 

Remember: 100% of the price goes directly to the artist -- so you are supporting them, not us! 

If you want to attend but can't commit ahead of time, don't worry... if we are not sold out, you can just show up and join the party! 


Post-shutdown attendance note: Based on feedback from our mailing list, we will be hosting these events as mask-optional. We will keep the house well ventilated and make the backyard available during breaks. We hope to see you soon!

All of the events are two sets with light refreshments provided at the break. Feel free to bring something to share!

If you are coming for an evening show, there are a couple of great restaurants right in the neighborhood: 

Parking Hints

Parking on Visalia can be limited but you can usually find spots up the street on the right and on Visalia west of Colusa. There is often parking on Colusa between Visalia and the Colusa Circle as well. We ask that you be courteous and aware -- park close to the curb and please do not block driveways.