The Nuvo Chamber Trio — where jazz & classical meets international & electronica
March 16, 2013

"Michael Smolens is one of the premiere composer/arrangers in the Bay Area"
Doug Edwards (KPFA Airtime & BAJABA Showcase Host)

This trio features the most flexible string instrument of all, the cello. Yet, how many cellists can not only play gorgeous melodies, but also improvise bass lines, chords, overtones, slapping, and solo like a sax ? And how many are masters of live sampling that create rich, multi-layered textures and loops ? When you combine this stellar cellist with two other veteran multi-instrumentalists and composers, you've got an ensemble that effortlessly bridges the gap between jazz & classical styles, world music & free improvisation, acoustic & electronic sensibilities.

Michael Smolens—composer/arranger, piano, keyboard, melodica, alto flute,  West-African balafon (marimba), live sampling, voice

Brian Rice
—congas, djembe, pandeiro, cymbals, cajon, dun-dun, ocean drum, bells, dumbek, shakere, voice

Sam Bass—cello, live sampling

Tonight's concert will feature new arrangements of:
   * classical works by G. Faure and S. Rachmaninoff
   * a blues suite by Th. Monk, O. Coleman, and Mc. Tyner

Along with original:
   * jazz works
   * an extended Turkish suite
   * a West-African-based improvisation
   * solo pieces by individual members

Michael's West-African trio Bal du Kor was the inaugural group for this concert series.